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Ron Smith

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gain 4 inches in length!

Hey everyone, My name's Ron, and I'm here to inform you all about the deal with penis size and insecurity. I know what it's like to try all the pills, pumps, and stretching devices on the market, desperately buying more and more until I couldn't deal with being lied to about so-called "amazing results" that just ended up costing me amazing amounts of money. So a year ago, I felt like getting my story out to the whole world, letting them see me try all these alleged products until I found a solution (and help people avoid scams). My goal was just to test trial after trial, until SOMETHING made me really well hung. I was on a mission.


A month or so back, these two companies contacted me because they wanted me to use their supplements. I guess my blog was becoming popular as a ticket on the marketplace? Anyway: They were so assured that I would gain great results from their pills, they each mailed me free supplies to put their confidence to the test – 30 days worth. All they said was that I had to acknowledge the results on my video blog if they ended up providing me actual results (Can you see where this is going? Haha). I wasn't about to give up free junk, anyway, so I started the trials, and the results started coming in just 2 days! It was like the blood flow to my penis was supercharged… A remarkable feeling. Every day of every week, I took the products HGH Factor and Xanogen like my life depended on it. I've been posting a video every week, so my amazement has been getting contagious for these pills. The Xanogen makes me feel like a new man – and the HGH Factor is like having a superpower for a penis. ;) I went from a lame-duck 4 inches to 8" (flaccid! Holy fuck) in the month it took me to test these products.


I've been dealing with male enhancement claims for this whole past year, and the only two products EVER to give me results are HGH Factor and Xanogen. Just so you guys know: As a tribute to me helping promote their company from my video blogs, they are offering you guys the opportunity to try out these supplements just like I did: A free trial, with only a few dollars cost of shipping to cover their giving it to you). That's right, chumps: A FREE MONTH of these awesome supplements, so you know that you've found a trustworthy regimen that works. This is capitalism in its most ideal form, folks. Take a chance on a bigger, better penis!


Tell us your success story during the 4 weeks you are using the product, or post the results that you got onto my video blog so that everyone can witness your testimonial. Hallelujah!

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Megaman Expedition

Yo Ron I just ordered these products. Im flipping out about getting that results 2 so how long duzzit take? They smell pretty shweet and I hope they can help with ma workout 2.


I've heard about these products before, but I was hesitant about trying them at first. It just seems like everyone is trying to con each other out of money for shitty items. But after seeing your video, I basically have, um, all the motivation I need to try these out for myself. I mean, free, so why wouldn't a guy want to try these out? I think even the bigger kind of guys could learn something from the results. Anyway, I'm ordering up now.


Dis shit works for real, yo! check this shit out!!

penis growth


Hey Megaman – Like it says, the products should only take a couple days to reach you. It's a domestic product, so it's not a big deal. Also: It's going to provide a lot of enhancement to your workouts, provided you're already doing them correctly. These supplements essentially work by giving you more of the most fundamental hormones for your body to succeed in size - gain all over your body, so it's like having the building blocks to create a better you.


IVE BEEN USING THESE PRODUCTS FOR ABOUT 2 WEEKS GUYS!!! I see Im the first new one in comments who has, hoorah! These pills are freakin amazing. I cant believe the overall ENERGY i have compared to before taking them. i can understand what you mean about building blocks Ron, cause its like I am upgrading yo! its like a religious experience, aha (not tryin to be corny, but it's a cool feeling) the size growth seems pretty accurate with this whole 'inch every week' idea, cause i measured my cock during my morning wood with a ruler and its about 2 inches bigger. im feelin it man! thank god this was all free, cause I get to keep the growth forever yo!

penis growth


Yea, my friend actually told me about this like a joke n shit, but i wanted to cum check it out for myself to see what it was rele about. not like i need to talk to him about it, but i do secretly feel like I have a little problem with this 'area' of my life lol. i have been on these for maybe 3 days now. i think i look about the same soft, but when im hard it definitely shows, like the vein is throbbing more and the head is kinda fuller. i feel yall about what you say with the energy though. i feel so much more awake thruout the day

penis growth


Oooo, hi guys!!! I see your all doing a little science experiment, hehehe I can't wait to see more guy's have results! I wanna sneak peek. ;o) any of you guys on facebook? look me up!


Antoine, the energy is a huge commonality for everyone, because of how these supplements activate the human body on the most basic levels. Your bloodstream is basically being enriched with the hormones and nutrients that are what originally gave those "bigger guys" the advantage during puberty. It's just like getting all the right things from puberty. I'd like you to post again here after you get further along in your trial, since you're already starting to notice the amazing effects the Xanogen and HGH Factor have on virtually all males. This is science, folks: No magic here. The ingredients in these supplements are mostly bioidentical versions of well-understood bodily functions in human growth and male enhancement.


Hey, guys. I'm here to talk about my results – I am just about to complete the 30 day free trials, and I am really astonished by the whole experience! I was skeptical at first of the title just being a precursor to more catchy claims, but I really have gained the 4 inches I was told I would! And it's not just the size… It's the virility. I swear, they should market this product to people with Erectile Dysfunction, because it's given me the stamina to enjoy going to some of the local parties and getting it on with a few pretty gals. I STRONGLY recommend this to anyone reading.

penis growth


Yeahhh man, this stuff is a dream! Im seriously thinking about posting up a video of my progress even tho Im only getting to the 2 week mark myself. This shit is unbelievable, heres some pics to share. Hey Missy, hit me up so we can see where it goes.

penis growth


Um it says in my comment CLEARLY that you can look me up at facebook. Duhhh


Don't worry, Missy: There are plenty of other big fish in the sea. ;)

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